Enjoy activated water, free from all kinds of harmful substances.

BlueSpring24 is an optimal system for refining your drinking water, directly from your tap and available all day long.

proven technology

BlueSpring24 is an optimal filter system to provide you with water for drinking, cooking, and washing vegetables and fruits.

high-grade enjoyment

At any time, you have access to filtered, premium and with the activator vitalized drinking water directly in your own kitchen.

space-saving comfort

Due to its compact design, BlueSpring24 allows for a simple and space saving undertable installation in every kitchen.


The BlueSpring24 will safely eliminate viruses, germs and bacteria as well as particles, impurities, chlorine, and so forth.


By consuming water directly from the kitchen faucet and not relying on PET bottles or glass bottles our environment gets sustainably spared.


The water is gently cleaned and bio-energetic invigorated, thus water is able to return to its natural state.

Advantages at a glance.

Tap don’t carry – that is our motto.

With BlueSpring24, the annoying carrying of bottles belongs to the past. From now on, you can enjoy the taste of inexpensive premium water right from your own source of fresh water at home.

Valuable & inexpensive water directly from your tap.

Ultrafiltration membrane + active carbon filter:

Particles, impurities and odorous substances, heavy metals, as well as viruses, germs and bacteria in the tap water will be eliminated by the ultrafiltration membrane, further the high-quality activated carbon filter removes chlorine, chemicals, fungicides and herbicides safely from the drinking water.

Water Activator 3.8

A revolutionary, completely new physical process for bio-energetic activation of filtered water.
Designed for a modern and healthy lifestyle in the sense of vitality, energy, wellness and enjoyment.

taking nature as a model

multi-layered bio-energy accumulators
unique meandering shape
geometrical form radiation
specific organic arrangements

innovative technology

quality “made in Germany”
certified component parts
one-shot investment,
no maintenance

explosion of flavour

aromas and ingredients develop full flavours
coffee and tea lovers swear on activated water
water gets back its natural characteristics
vitalizing effect on the body

impact on animals and plants

animals and plants feel the difference
animals drink more water
the vitality is strengthened
increased plant growth

More questions?

Write us a mail to info@bluespring24.com

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...when it comes to the topics purity, vitality, activation and enjoyment.
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